Python for Beginners: Introduction

Gain a fundamental understanding of Python and how best to apply it. The final lesson gives students the opportunity to plan a text-based adventure game.

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Python for Beginners: Introduction


Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of coding in a fun and interactive way. Each lesson will be split between learning a new concept and trying out that concept with age-appropriate exercises to stretch and challenge. This is primarily a Key Stage 3 course. However, it would be beneficial for those new to coding in Python Key Stage 4 with no prior exposure to 3GL programming languages. By the end of this course, students will deepen their understanding of Python and the basic concepts needed to use the programme whilst increasing confidence. The last lesson will also provide the opportunity to plan a text-based adventure game.

Course Content


7 HOURS Total Length

Lesson 1

Introduction to Python Using an Online Portal

60 minutes

Lesson 2

Casting Data Types and Why We Need to Perform This Task

60 minutes

Lesson 3

Using Python to Undertake Mathematical Task e.g. Times Tables

60 minutes

Lesson 4

Introduction to Branching: Using 'If' Statements

60 minutes

Lesson 5

Going Loopy: Why and How Do We Repeat?

60 minutes

Lesson 6

Syntax and Logic Errors

60 minutes

Lesson 7

Planning Our Text-Based Adventure Game

60 minutes

Key Skills

Critical Thinking

Defining Variables

Casting Variables

Mathematical Equations


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