academic development



GCSE, 11+, 10+, 13+, KS3, KS2, 7+, 8+

English Literature




Ancient History




Education & Relevant Experience

University of Auckland

  • Ancient History (2.1)

2014 - 2016

Marist College

  • English (A)
  • French (A)
  • Statistics (A)
  • Geography (A)
  • Classical Studies (A)

2007 - 2013

Teaching Experience

After graduating from my bachelors degree in Ancient History and Anthropology, I began working as an educator at the Museum of Transport of Technology. In this role, I taught hands-on, interactive courses in Robotics and Coding, Transport through the Ages, Inventions and Innovations, the Victorian Era, Principles of Flight, Basic Mechanics and Physics and the Evolution of Toys. These sessions were modified to be age appropriate for the visiting group which could range from preschool through to tertiary level. This taught me the essentials of engaging teaching styles across different age levels to ensure that students left lessons feeling inspired. 

I worked at the Unitec Institute of Technology where I wrote and taught foundation courses in Psychology, Sociology and Health & Wellbeing to high school students and young adults. My students came from challenging backgrounds and were in pursuit of university entrance. I designed these courses to build students' confidence, refine their academic skills and allow them to succeed. Many of my students went on to become various medical practitioners and teachers. 

Through the above, I developed a strong understanding of how to create engaging lessons and teach a wide variety of subjects for various age groups in an inspiring way. I am passionate about seeing my students succeed and accomplish their academic and career goals.

About Faith G

Faith attended the University of Auckland, New Zealand where she graduated with a bachelor's degree majoring in Ancient History and Anthropology. She found her enthusiasm for education in her roles as an educator at the Museum of Transport and Technology and a foundation studies lecturer at the Unitec Institute of Technology. Upon her move to the UK, she managed and supported degree, master's and PhD programmes for Kings College and Imperial College, specifically in Medical Biosciences, Law and Natural and Mathematical Sciences. Through her experience, she provides a wide range of expertise and finds joy in seeing her students succeed.